A New Year Prayer For You


Lord, You who live outside of time,
and reside in the imperishable moment, 
we ask Your blessing this New Year\'s Day (Eve)
upon Your gift to us of time
Bless our clocks and watches,
You who kindly direct us to observe the 
passing of minutes and hours.
May they make us aware of the miracle
of each second of life we experience.
May these our ticking servants
help us not to miss that which is important,
while You keep us from machine-like routine.
May we ever be free from being clock watchers
and instead become who journey through time.
Bless our calendars,
these ordered lists of days, weeks and
months, of holidays, holydays, fasts and feasts- 
all our special days ofremembering.
May these servants, our calendars, once reserved for the royal few,
for magi and pyramid priests,  now grace our homes and our lives.

May they remind us of birthdays and other gift-days, as they teach
us the secret that all life is meant for celebration and contemplation.

 Bless, Lord, this new year, each of its 365 days and nights.
Bless us with new moons and full moons.
Bless us with happy seasons and a long life.
Grant to us, Lord, he new year\'s gift of a year of love.  Amen

...drawing living water from an ancient well...