Monday Dec.21/15


Daily reflections: December 21/15


Gospel: Luke 1:39... slowly but surely we are reading the Gospel which recounts the Christmas narrative which is familiar to many of us. Today we read, “Mary set out with and went to visit Elizabeth who was pregnant with John baptized”. While we see here is a relationship between two women is very caring, supportive, and filled with kindness and compassion. The healthcare system at that time was not like our day but rather it was a very primitive and dependent on friends or relatives to be with the mother when she gave birth to her child. Elizabeth needed that kind of help and attention and Mary moved to compassion there to support her. Even today many new mothers needed help and support of family and friends when they bring their newborns home and need a kind and compassionate person to reassure, support, lend a helping hand newborn baby


Reflection: what does Mary\'s response tell you about the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth?


Prayer; Gracious God, I play I will be as responsive as Mary to people in need of a helping hand. Especially as we approach Christmas may the spirit of this time of year\'s inspire people everywhere to respond with compassion and kindness to those who need a helping hand. Amen