Fri. Dec.18/15


 Daily reflections: Friday: December 18/15


Gospel: Matthew 1:18... in this Gospel story Matthew would tell the people of the birth of Jesus and the announcement by an Angel with Mary his bonds with a wholehearted yes. Then Matthew tells us that what is happening was told by the prophet. Matthew quotes the prophet from the past , “the Virgin shall bear a son and they will name him Immanuel” which means, “God is with us”. I ask you to reflect on those few words, God is with us. For centuries, Christians have reflected on the transcendence of God, the God up above, what I call the sky God and Christian spirituality pointed people pleasing the sky God in order to get to heaven. The Gospel reading, God is with us, the Incarnation tells us that God is with us, that God dwells within us, God dwells among us that we are God become human. There is plenty to reflect on in this passage.


Reflection, does the words, God is with you, bring joy and happiness to your life?


Prayer: I know that the Scripture tells of the Spirit of God dwells within me and I believe that. However, I have experienced the presence of God within me and all around so I\'m able to say that I know that God is with me.