Thurs. Dec.10/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: December 10/15


Gospel: Matthew: 11:11... in this Gospel passage Jesus is teaching his disciples and then he leaves in the various towns and villages in order to instruct the people. At the end we read the words from Jesus, “Let anyone with ears is!”. Jesus could see that everybody had the ears but not everybody was willing to listen because they do not want to hear anything new, they were fixated on their  own ideas, they were afraid of the words of Jesus would upset their world for some to see what the new world vision, it could be that the ears of their hearts were hardened to any kind of a life-giving message, so having ears to listen means that there is an receptivity in the mind and the heart, a willingness to grow and be transformed, and just as many people at the time of Jesus were closed to this so is today and we see signs of this in the consumerism of our society at the time of Christmas.


Reflection: what words from Jesus have initiated growth and transformation for you?


Prayer: Jesus the words you spoke gave life and light to those who are willing to hear and ponder your words. We read that Mary pondered the words of the angel. This is where the benefit of the word of God takes place is when we ponder the word in our heart and allow the word of God to take a deep  root in our soul. Amen