Tues. Dec.8/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: December 8: 15


Gospel  Luke 1:26 of all the sacred stories in the Bible this story by Luke on the Incarnation is certainly one that touches the heart. We know it is probably not factual but it carries with it a great mystery and many profound truths that helps us to prepare for Christmas . Use your imagination when he read the story of the investigation by the Mary would give birth to a child and that he would be born with a very important mission in the world of his day and write down to the present moment. Imagine Mary being told by an Angel that she would be and of the Holy Spirit and would give birth to a child. Like any woman she would ask the question ,”how can this be?” Then she said, ”let it be done to me according to your word”. These words sprang from the heart of Mary and are a sign of her great trust and confidence in the goodness of God and since God was calling her a response to God was number one surrender secondly, a like giving trust in the presence and love of God as she is called to carry in her womb this great mystery. It would be a wonderful thing if all of us could imitate Mary and say to God, ”let it be done to me according to your word”. Such peace would be ours.!


Reflection: do you remember how trusting God brought peace to your mind?


Prayer, Jesus the teacher, or your lifetime you showed is a great example of trusting God special when things became very difficult for you. You probably learned to trust God from the example of your mother Mary. I too must learn to trust God and  in the face of difficulties and worry I will be able to find my mind at peace in my heart will be still. Amen