Monday, Dec.7/15


A daily reflection: Monday: December 7/15


Gospel: Luke 5:17... when we read the Gospels did I know that Jesus revealed the kingdom of God by his healing of those who were ill. In today\'s Gospel, because all large crowd, a friend of Jesus carrying a sick man and because the crowd was large, to get the man close to Jesus he climbed up and made a hole in the roof and lower the man into the presence of Jesus. First, Jesus forgave the man is sins, then he said to the man,”standup and take your bed and go your home” and he did. The people were very surprised and Jesus said to them, “you have seen strange things today”. When we live with the eyes that are open and curious, when we pay attention to what is happening in our lives and the lives of people around us, when there are unexpected and unexplained happenings, then we too can say that we are seeing strange things today because God is alive and is always acting in all of creation and the lives of all living creatures.


Reflection: where do you see the actions of a loving God today?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, we know that the Spirit is alive and acting within all of us and sometimes we see and sometimes we don\'t we just think it is coincidence. I know there\'s no such thing as coincidence but rather there are signs of a loving God acting in my life and the lives of people around me and people everywhere. Amen