Friday, Dec. 4/15


Daily reflections: Friday: December 4/15


Gospel: Matthew 9:27... today\'s gospel is about stepping out in faith. Jesus needs to find them who asks to be healed of their blindness. Jesus asked him a question, “do you believe I am able to do this? They replied,” Yes, Lord”. Jesus then touched their eyes and say,”and according to your faith let it done to you.” And that her eyes were open. There are two interpretations for this story. First, that there was a physical healing. Second, it was a healing of the blindness of their heart and understand, now they were able to take in and understand and see the goodness of the message of Jesus in this kind of healing would change the way they lived forever.


Reflection: do you remember an experience where you saw clearly the answer to a question which had been puzzling you for some time?


Prayer: Jesus, many of us have experienced of going from blindness, that is unable to see and to understand, to see in the sense that there is insight and clarity of thought and a clear understanding of your message. For that we are all truly grateful. Amen