Thursday, Dec.3/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: December 3/15


Gospel: Matthew 7:21... frequently teases use the term kingdom of God or kingdom of heaven in order to speak about himself, his teachings, and a new movement that would be sent into action. In today\'s gospel read that Jesus said, “not everyone is says to me, Lord, Lord, will entered the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my father, “first of all, we know that Jesus is so filled with the love of God that this love flowed of his heart. Read the Gospels and see how Jesus would\'ve compassion cared for the people of his day. Jesus taught his disciples to fall in love with God and with hearts filled with love so that their love will flow out into the hearts of the people carrying a heavy burden. Jesus then gave a clear instruction, “love one another as I have loved you,”and,: all know that you are my disciples because you have love for one another”. Is this. love in action where people experience the kingdom of God here on earth.


Reflection: do you see how your loving makes you a kingdom of God person?


Prayer: Jesus, when I read the Gospels I see how you loved the people and all of creation, you even loved the people who criticized you and are angry at you. Jesus, I want to love as you loved the people of your time and all of creation with no exceptions. Amen