Tuesday, Dec.1/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: December 1/15


Gospel Luke 10:21... it seems that when most people experience the presence of God we are reluctant to tell anyone, it may be humility, or fear of criticism, or fear that people will not believe them. Jesus said to the 70 disciples, and they were empowered by the Spirit, to do what Jesus did. Away they went, probably spent the day amongst the people of God, must have prayed for them and with them, laid bare hands upon  and they were revealed, so many great and wonderful things happened. The 70 disciples returned to Jesus and,, “the 70 returned with joy and told Jesus all that they had done”. The disciples stepped out in faith and empowered by the Spirit were able to do wonderful things in ministry to the people that time. We must remember that we have been empowered by this same Spirit and are able to do the works of God as did the 70 disciples.


Reflection: have you ever stepped out in faith and empowered by the Spirit done the works of God?


Prayer: Jesus, your disciples received the Spirit took the risk to step out in faith and order to minister to people. I pray that I, and other people  empowered by the Spirit, will courageously risk stepping out in faith to minister to people who are in need. Amen