Fri. Nov.27/15


Daily reflections: Friday: November 27/15


Gospel: Luke 21:29... the Gospels this week read like a doomsday pronouncements however today\'s Gospel takes a positive shift in the process of evolution. We read that Jesus said, “when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near”. What are these things that Jesus is referring to? What are the signs? I see signs of the kingdom were people with courage work for social justice, I see signs of the kingdom would people live lives of compassion and kindness and forgiveness, I see signs of the kingdom were people grow out of their self-centeredness and then live for the good others including the Earth, I see signs of the kingdom as our leaders meet in Paris to discuss how to deal with climate warming... they\'re all sold many signs that surely they tell us that the kingdom of God is real because the kingdom of God is very simply living life whereby people not what God loves and expresses that with creativity and integrity.


Reflection: where you see signs of kingdom living?


Prayer: Jesus, the way you lived your life with compassion and caring all people and all of creation was a powerful sign of the coming of the kingdom of God. I know that if I imitate you in loving what God loves and all that will be a sign of the kingdom of God in our midst. Amen