Thurs. Nov. 26/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: November 26/15


Gospel Luke 21:20... in this reading you once more has Jesus warning the people about what signs will show it so indicating  end of the world.. Luke has Jesus saying, “people will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world for the powers of heaven will be shaken.”Most of us are aware of the fear being experienced by people today. There are the terrorist attacks in France and other countries, migraines and refugees are coming to our country and people are afraid of terrorists will be hiding along the group, some people are fearful of the economy and loss of jobs, the wars in the Middle East, the lines being used against Syrian rebels, and on and on the list grows which feeds the fear of many people. First of all, we are not to take this scripture literally anymore and it has nothing to do with the end of the world. However, we are called to read the signs in the time seen the presence of God, the love of God for all creation, power of God lead and encourage people to build the world of peace and justice. There is a saying, “don\'t get caught the negativity and fear but rather just do good anyway”.


Reflection: are you fearful of what the future holds?


Prayer: Jesus, you read the signs of the time and you knew that there were many people were using violence to oppress many people and many people lived in fear. Over and over again Jesus said to the people, “be not afraid,”and “fear not”and Jesus could say that because he had a strong trust in the goodness of people and the presence of a loving God. Today , Jesus would say to all of us,  “be not afraid... I am with you. Amen