Weds. Nov 25/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday, November 25/15


Gospel of Luke 21:12... in this passage Luke has Jesus were to his disciples that are faithful and true to him and threw his way of life they will face persecution and opposition. He then goes on to say that even members of their own family will betray them. Jesus told them that when this happened, “you will be given an opportunity to testify”. The truth of this statement of Jesus as an experienced by many people down through the centuries and even today in many places people object to the word God or Jesus, often people who go to church on Sunday or ridiculed and laughed at.


Reflection: have you experienced an opportunity to testify to your faith in God or Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus you have warned us that it takes courage and determination to take a stand on behalf of God and you. We live in a society that is very secular and where many people do not want to hear about the way of God and Jesus. I pray for the grace of God which will give me the courage  to speak about where I stand about my faith. Amen