Tues. Nov.24/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday, November 24/15


Gospel: Luke 21:5... at this time of the year there are many  Scripture passages that would seem to indicate the end of the world is near., at least that\'s how many people have interpreted the Scripture. Luke has Jesus saying the following, “when you hear of wars, do not be terrified, for these things must take place for the end will not follow immediately. There are other passages along the same theme and often there are people that preach the end of the world, yet we are still here. Today, because of terrorist acts many people are living with fear... fear of terrorists, fear of attacks, fear of the 25,000 refugees  coming to Canada, it seems that so many people are living with fear that they are no longer trusting, no longer hopeful, not feeling safe.


Reflection: have you been contaminated with fear?


Prayer: Jesus, and no times did you ever foretell the end of the world and today\'s science shows us very clearly that the process of evolution will carry all of creation into a far distant future. It is a time for all believers to live with trust and live with hope and still offer hospitality strangers who come to our land. Amen