Mon. Nov.23/15


Daily reflection: Monday: November 23/15


Gospel: Luke 21:1... in this story Jesus is watching the people put money into the treasury and he noticed two things... first, the rich people reporting in their generosity, secondly, a poor widow put in two small copper coins. Jesus said, “the rich contributed out on their abundance, but she out about her poverty put in all she had to live on.”. Jesus was referencing the act of sacrificial giving a demonstrated by this poor widow. The example of the widow is an inspiration to us all in our giving... that must include sacrificial giving as well out of our abundance. There is a threefold treasury that we have... time...            talent... money. Sometimes, our sacrificial giving yourself time for the good of others, sometimes our sacrificial giving can be putting our talents in the service of others, sometimes we are motivated to give when it hurts.


Reflection: are you able to locate your sacrificial giving?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, by the way you lived your life you teach us the meaning of sacrificial giving. You sacrificed your time to heal the sick, you sacrificed your talent in order to be with the crowds and teach, you sacrificed your money by choosing to live a life of poverty. I pray that the Spirit of God will inspire me to make sacrificial offerings through my life\'s journey. Amen




Note: I missed with my daily reflection last week because my computer was down at not working. However, today I went back in business.