Fri. Nov.13/15


Daily reflections: Friday: November 13/15


Gospel Luke 17:26  ...  in today\'s Gospel Jesus is giving a warning to the people, he never threatened, but he does tell people what he sees in their society and the need to change. He makes reference to no one in the Ark, to Sodom, and points out the people at the time did not read the signs of that time. He is very clear that the misfortunes which happened to the people was not a punishment from God, God does not punish people when natural disasters. However, Jesus warned the people that it is important that we read the signs of the time and not to live with their eyes closed and her heart set on things that don\'t last. Today we live in a consumer society and this pretty much occupied lines in the hearts of so many people but they are not able or willing to read the signs of the time and change the way that they live. It needs a people read the signs of the time they are more apt to experience conversion and rearranged the priorities in their life.


Reflection what do you see when you read the signs of the time?


Prayer: Jesus, it was out of wisdom and compassion that you spoke to the people about reading the signs of the time and the need for personal and community conversion. Even today, living in a consumer society, we need to read the signs of time and readjust our priority. Amen