Weds. Nov. 11/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: November 11/15


Gospel Luke 17:11... and today is remembrance Day. In the Gospel, of the 10 lepers healed one, a Samaritan, a foreigner, returned to find Jesus for his healing. The day we remember all those who gave their life in order to bring peace to the world. There just was not in vain even though there has continued to the war and violence in our world. On November 11, at 11 o\'clock. There many ceremonies which call citizens, the public acknowledge the price that was paid by so many young men and women care enough about their country lay down their life world peace. I think the time for us to learn again that violence and war will never bring lasting peace. The Gospels teaches that it is love and justice that bring about peace, that it is the awakening of people to the awareness that we are all brothers and sisters in the great family of God may bring peace, it means that those who make millions of dollars on war be awakened the reality that war brings terrible suffering to the citizens and to the earth itself, that the people of the world open their eyes and see another way to settle differences and to bring peace to the world. It is the conversion of human hearts stand as the foundation for peace in the world and until  conversion takes place a darker side of humanity will continue along a dark road in a culture of death.


Reflection: as you reflect on remember day... what does it teach you?


Prayer: Jesus, we know that all people of the earth desire a world without violence and war. We know the people of the world desire a world where all live in harmony, and for social justice to be the order of the day, for every man and woman say no to violence. May the Spirit of God open our eyes to the truth and may the same Spirit move all the people the world and see that it is by conversion of the heart that there will be peace on earth. Amen