Tues. Nov. 10/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: November 10/15


Gospel Luke 17:7... in this particular reading Jesus is telling his disciples that when they are committed to something that is their obligation to act with integrity and to be faithful to their problems. Jesus talks about a slave and slave responsibility to the master which is what happened the master first and his needs second. Jesus showed by his own example what it wants to be faithful to his mission even when of times it was tiring, inconvenient, and then force him to go be on his comfort zone. We read, “we have done what we ought to  have done. Integrity was a big thing with Jesus and he told his disciples expected the same from them and he showed them by example how to do this.


Reflection: does this teaching of Jesus say anything to you?


Prayer: Jesus our brother, you not only taught the way of God but you also lived it and by so doing you have set an example for all of us. I pray that by the grace of God I will be able to follow your teaching and your example in my daily life. Amen