Mon. Nov.8/15


Daily reflections: Monday: November 9/15


Gospel: John 2:13... in this Gospel John has Jesus for telling his resurrection by referring to the instruction of the temple. The temple and been under construction for 46 years and Jesus said he will raise up a temple in three-days. It was only after Easter Sunday, the resurrection, the disciples came to understand the meaning of Jesus words. Easter Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, the Spirit of Jesus, in the hearts of the people. Since that day Christians have been resurrection people that are called to live at resurrection which means a life filled with joy and peace, a life of compassion and kindness, a life of thoughtfulness and justice, a life that is not addicted to consumption and avoids waste.


Reflection: it is the way you live any different since you learned of the resurrection?


Prayer: Jesus,  I know the Spirit of the risen Christ dwells in my heart and I\'m called to live a resurrection life which is to be radically different from that of society. I pray, that the Spirit of the living Christ, will  inspire me to so arrange my priorities that I am not living according to conventional wisdom and values of the society in which I live. Amen