fri. Nov.6/15


Daily reflections: Friday: November 6/15


Gospel: Luke 16:1... in this gospel Jesus is making clear that very possible to have our priorities wrong. He tells a story on the rich men who squandered his master\'s money and was fired. He did not have a pension and so he had to make arrangements so he could have an income when he was unemployed. He made a deal with those who oppose his master\'s money and reduce their bill considerably without gratitude we would provide for him in the future. Jesus said,” the dishonest manager acted shrewdly for the children of this generation are more shrewd in dealing with their generation than are children of light.”. I wonder how this story applies to the people of this generation. It is a big investment of time and energy to store away money and pensions to provide for the future while neglecting their relationship with God, their relationship with the earth, their relationship with the poor and marginalized...


Reflection: does this story challenging to look at your priorities?


Prayer: Jesus, in this story you challenge me, and others, take a good look at our priority and do they have to do primarily with consumerism and the building up of a good bank account? Or are our priorities in the proper order that we put our spirituality is a top priority in our life. Amen