Weds. Nov.4/15


Daily sections:  Wednesday: November 5/15


Gospel Luke 14:25..... but teaching by Jesus today will make you scratch your head and yet you must try to make some sense of his teaching, somehow looking behind and inside the teaching that one may find a meaning that is helpful for living one\'s life. Here is what Jesus said: “whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother and wife and children, brothers and sisters, cannot be my disciple”. When I look inside this teaching I realize it is not to be taken literally or at face value. As a result I have to look behind the words in order to find what might be the meaning the teaching that Jesus is giving us. More than once Jesus told the people that if they wanted to follow him, be a disciple, to cooperate with him in his work, because of the risks and dangers, there had to be a deep and solid commitment otherwise they would not last. Seems to me here that Jesus uses exaggeration to make a point and the point is you want to be one with me and they\'re cared for risks and dangers and you will only persevere you have made a firm and lasting commitment


Reflect: what meaning you get out of the teaching by Jesus?


Prayer: today as I reflect on the words of Jesus I realize that to be a faithful follower and carry on the ministry of Jesus I must not be unduly attached to other things and my heart and soul must belong to Jesus alone. Amen