All Souls Day Nov.1/15


Daily reflection: Monday, October 2/15: All Souls Day


Revelation 14:13... it has been a long-standing for Catholics to remember their dead on all souls Day. Not only Christians of people of various religions and cultures engage in these rituals at certain times of the year. It is a powerful tradition for people to reverence and respect their cemeteries and those who are buried there, it is considered sacred ground. The dead our ancestors and they have given to us in inheritance of perseverance, courage, wisdom, faithfulness... all this is that handed down generation after generation classes wisdom will be handed down to the next generation. Following is a prayer for all souls:” Happy are those who died in the Lord.

         Let them rest from their labors for their good deeds go with them.”


Reflection: do you pay special attention to your relatives pass on?


Prayer:  God of the living and the dead we know that the dead are alive in you and with you in eternity. I pray that we will be thankful for the legacy which they have handed on to us in our generation and I pray that we can turn and on inheritance of those who follow us so that the world may continue to become a better place for all people and all living creatures to live out their life. Amen