Thurs. Oct.29/15


Daily reflection: Thursday: October 29/15


Gospel Luke 13:31... things are heating up for Jesus. The Pharisees tell Jesus that their seeking to kill him. Jesus shows no but go and: tell that fox that I will continue on with my mission to India will teach the people about love of God and neighbor. Jesus is a prophet who speaks truth to power which is what a prophet does. In the Old Testament also the prophets were killed by those in power because he was disturbing their life of comfort and security which is based on their oppression of other people. A good Friday, Jesus the prophet, was crucified because he spoke the truth to power... both religious and political. In our day we lack prophets who will speak truth to power and by so doing make a difference in the world in religion and politics. What a Christian is baptized he/she is awaken to the reality that he/she is a prophet, and supposed to be the conscience of the people. Unfortunately, while Christians are very good at being compassionate we do not very well in the role was a prophet.


Reflection: could you see yourself as a modern-day prophet?


Gospel: Jesus, you are a great example of a modern day prophet who spoke truth to power even in the face of criticism, loss of friends, and eventually the victim of religious leaders and political leaders. I pray that the Spirit will empower more and more women and men to become modern-day prophets speaking truth to power. Amen