Weds. Oct.28/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 28/15


Gospel: Luke 6:12... today\'s gospel shows us two things about Jesus. First, he was a man of prayer and spent the whole night in prayer to God. It was as close a dynamic relationship with God which empowered him to minister to people carrying a heavy burden. Secondly, a large crowd gathered around him to hear him, to be healed of their diseases, to be healed of their every burden power and power came out from him and healed them all. This scene is repeated over and over again in the Gospel story. Jesus does not talk about sin, he doesn\'t talk about people guilt, does not judge or condemn people rather he sees people caring heavy burdens and moved by compassion he lighten their burden. For a long time religion is focused on sin and guilt which is contrary to what Jesus did, today more and more people are beginning to see that it is listening to people, hearing their story, caring about their burdens, and move by compassion we reach out and lighten the burden of people are carrying. This is the way of Jesus


Reflection: does your idea of a religion focused primarily on sin and guilt or freeing people from their burdens?


Prayer: Jesus, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me to be free of focusing on sin and guilt and rather seeing  people with heavy burdens and moved by the Spirit within to reach out with compassion to alleviate their suffering. Amen