Tues. Oct. 26/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 27/15


Gospel: Luke 13:18... when we read the Gospels we find out that Jesus often speaks about the kingdom of God... and many people wonder, what is this kingdom of God? Is it like in our country worry having federal and provincial government, is it an empire ruled over by one person... what is the kingdom of God? In today\'s Gospel Luke has Jesus saying that it is like a mustard seed which grows into something very large. Again he says it is like yeast mixture into flour until it is leavened. We\'re still be dealing with images and with interpretation which would give me. For me I experience the kingdom of God when I am loved unconditional by another, or by a pet, or the experience of God in prayer or nature. For me the kingdom of God experiencing low and also being able to love in return. This mutual reciprocal experience best describes the kingdom of God for me.


Reflect: you make a connection between being loved and experiencing the kingdom of God?


Prayer: God of love, I know that I experience the kingdom of God and when I am loved by another person or even a pet. I thank you for the many time I have experienced being loved and loving in return. I pray for the grace of God able to see and experience those kind of interactions in my life. Amen