Weds., Oct.21/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 21/15


Gospel Luke 12:39... in this gospel Jesus tells his disciples that they will never know when or where they are going to experience the presence of God. He says to them, “you must be ready for that Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour”. When Jesus speaks of the kingdom of God is not talking about a place or thing what he is talking about is an experience of love, of loving and being loved, and as Jesus says that become at an unexpected time and place. It could happen when I\'ve made an old friend of the great joy in meeting this person once more, it happens when a person is down and someone comes by and lovingly spends time and listens, it happens to people are reconciled into a caring  relationship, it can happen in a community where there is another pouring of love and compassion for one another, it can be experienced when a person is reassured of their intrinsic goodness, when a person experiences of outpouring of gratitude for love having been given... the kingdom of God is an experience and is not a thing or a place policies warns in today\'s Gospel must be ready to expect this to happen in unexpected times and places.


Reflection: do you have a special memory of experiencing the kingdom of God?


Prayer: Jesus, as you live the life of compassion, caring, feeding, forgiving, welcoming all without exception, all the people experienced by your love the kingdom of God. I pray that I and others will be alert to the opportunities which come our way every day and recognize that loving and being loved we are experiencing kingdom of God people. Amen