Thurs. Oct. 15/15


Daily reflection: Thursday: October 15/15


Gospel: Luke 11:47... this Gospel continues on with “Woe” of Jesus and in particularly he focuses on the lawyers and accuses them of laying heavy burdens on people\'s back. He also accuses them of making it impossible for the poor and the marginalized to get an education. We read that the scribes and Pharisees became very hostile to Jesus and began to cross examine him about many things, they were doing their best to catch them in something which they could take to the authorities as a way of persecuting Jesus. Being a prophet was very dangerous role to play in society especially when he\'s speaking the truth to power. Much the same thing happens today. We have people been disenfranchised, clergy not been suspended or excommunicated, laypeople who are written a book which was judged to be unorthodox... and many places where we can see where one group of people especially leaders look for words, or actions, in order, gives people who are speaking the truth to power.


Reflection: have you ever experienced criticism for speaking the truth?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher you spoke to a situation which is very common in your day as it is very common in our day. Very often it is to blame the victim rather than take personal responsibility for their own behavior. I pray that there\'ll be still people of courage who will not fear to speak the truth to power for the glory of God. Amen