Weds. Oct.14/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 14/15


Gospel Luke 11:42... today\'s gospel continues with the story of yesterday, it is part of what we call the Woe of Jesus, first it was to the Pharisees then it was to the lawyers said you\'re also insulting us to which Jesus said,  “woe to you lawyers! For you load people with burdens and you do not lift a finger to ease them”. Jesus confronts the lawyers and challenge them because they want to appear to be superior and keepers of the law. He is across the lawyers and challenges them because they interpret the law in such a way as to the heavy burdens on people, there is legalism, a lack of compassion and understanding of the burdens of people carry so they are also a failure because as St. Paul wrote the law kills and the Spirit gives life. Even today we see people who are in positions of leadership and yet are on a ego trip and want to be seen as superior to people. We have our church lawyers would often interpret the law, church law, without compassion and understanding the burdens that people are carrying and when the law is used in this way the lose faith and hope of the church.


Reflection: what is your experience of the way in which law is interpreted today?


Prayer: Jesus, with you compassion always trumped legalism and in your own life we see humility and understanding of the burdens which people carry. I pray today that I will be guided by compassion when what it means overriding obedience to their law. Amen