Tues. Oct.13/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 13/15


Gospel:: Luke 11:37... Jesus was very sociable and always enjoy being asked to someone\'s home for a meal. Sometimes, when Jesus said yes and went to someone\'s home he became challenging for the home owner. The Pharisee invites Jesus to dine with him, he prepares an elaborate meal, Jesus comes in and he fails to do what is traditional, he did not wash his hands up to elbow. This was a no no! The Pharisee jealousies is because did not keep the traditional rules. He regretted doing so. Jesus said to the Pharisee you\'re very demanding about washing your hands the elbow, this is an external ritual and does nothing for you because while the outside of the dishes clean the inside is filled with greed and wickedness. The Pharisee, and those he taught, really from the outside in... that is obeying rules and regulations, looking good, fitting in with out any

kind of critical thinking. Jesus we know them from the inside out not the outside in and he told the Pharisee that he had to go inside and clean himself up and then live from the inside out.


Reflection: would you say that you live from the outside in or the inside out?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you lived from the inside out and we see this with your compassion, your integrity, your honestly, you\'re challenging out the social customs of the time and you were a critical thinker and  lived true to yourself. Made the grace of God help me to experience the transformation which enables me to live from the inside out and be true to myself. Amen