Mon. Oct. 11/15


Daily reflections: Monday: October 12/15


Gospel: Luke 11:29... we read that the crowds are increasing in order to be near to Jesus and do here is teaching. What he is teaching makes sense to the people yet Jesus feels that they are still somewhat skeptical and looking for a sign as proof that he is a God. Jesus used to familiar Old Testament stories to awaken his listeners. First, it is a story of Jonah and the people in Nineveh who repented and the Queen of the South who came to hear the wisdom of Solomon and Jesus tells them something greater than Solomon is here. What I see here is that the people are doubting, questioning, critical questioning, and it is by this kind of conversation that the people are able to develop their own faith, what I call first hand faith because without the doubting without questioning, without critical thinking you will be always living secondhand faith, that is the faith of other people rather than their own.


Reflection: do you value doubting, questioning, and critical thinking?


Prayer: Jesus you are a great teacher and great teachers need students who are able to willing to doubt, to question, to do critical thinking in order to become a true and genuine believer in God and Jesus. I pray that on my faith journey that I\'m one of those people and will do so without prompting of the Holy Spirit. Amen