Mon. Oct. 12/15


The 28 Sunday in ordinary Time: October 11th/15


Gospel: Mark 10:35... as Jesus continued on his journey man who ran up and asked Jesus, Good Teacher, what must I do to their internal life? First, Jesus teaches that man by telling him that no one is good but God alone and then he reminds them of a 10 Commandments. The young man says I have kept the commandments since my youth. Jesus said to him, “you lack one thing, go and sell all that you have and give the money to the poor”, younger man went away shocked because he had many possessions.


     I\'ve always admired the sisters of St. Joseph who committed themselves to the consecrated life and in doing so I made a great choice in their life. They had the talents and gifts made a very comfortable life for themselves however by choosing the consecrated life they said no to material possessions and yes to a community of believers, to community and became their first family, with the vow of poverty. I remember cleaning out her room after my aunt died, one small suitcase to carry all her possessions. She had no attachments and inner heart there was only room for God and the things of God.


        This is a theme of today\'s energy, calling all followers of Jesus who examined her life and see if they have some other god that stands between them and the living God. At first glance most people would say no there is that stands between me and God. However, I can name a few attachments which people made a priority of their life so that God is not at the center nor the first in their life of service. Naturally, wealth comes in as number one if a person believes that is what life is all about, accumulating money. Another attachments is to popularity and power... both can be all-consuming. There\'s an attachment to one\'s own opinion or a need to be right in all things. There can be an obsessive attachments to a car, to a house, to clothing, who certificates of achievement... just to name a few. Like the rich young man what are other of those attachments rule our life that we have an obstacle between us and our relationship with God because the passion shows that this is our first relationship that makes no room for God to be number one.


       To live this commandment of Jesus is not always easy and demands discernment. It does not mean that we will able like similar to those who choose the consecrated life because we are obligations and duties that require an investment of time and energy and talent. What is really doing is calling us to be aware and awaken for so how is our relationship with God and is it a top priority. One way of discerning whether God is the proper priority in our life is to look for the fruits of the Spirit which we read about in Galatians and when we see the fruits of the Spirit are visible, but we are producing those fruits, and we\'ll have a pretty good idea if we are reliving a God centered life of not allowing attachments to interfere. It does not mean that we will not have attachments but there\'ll be the proper priority in God and the things of God will be the number one priority in our daily life.


The rich young man did not realize in the beginning of his conversation with Jesus that he was putting his attachments first and when Jesus said give away his wealth he was not willing to do that and he walked away. Jesus loved this young man and wanted the very best for him, you hope that the young man would be awakened to Jesus love for him and perhaps it would crack his heart open so that the Scriptures say,” his hard heart will be replaced by a heart of flesh” and as a result they would be born into their lives a love relationship with Jesus which would radically change his priorities and the way he lived his life.


Today, when we hear Jesus asking us to discern our attachments and how they are either possessing lessening our life, that we are owned by our possessions, and we are serving them rather than serving God. Again, it does not mean that we have to give everything away because we eat some possessions fulfill our responsibilities and duties and to enjoy living. We can do all this and when our spiritual life is a balance will still have a healthy and loving relationship with God that we will be also love more fully the things that God loves .