Fri. Oct. 9/15


Daily reflections: Friday, October 16/15


Gospel: Matthew 25:31... Jesus is teaching his disciples out what it means to live as kingdom of God. He shows that it is not separate from daily life that is simply the way in which people give an experience while being not that it did not action that one experiences life in the kingdom. He shows us how to be orthopraxis... food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked visiting the sick , visiting people in prison, and other examples like that were moved by love and compassion areas of self giving love in a very hands-on kind of way. Over the centuries orthodoxy has been the mark of a good Christian, that is, those who are obedient and health and is a fundamentally orthodoxy. Very often orthopraxis suffered because of the interest and the focus on orthodoxy. Today, we see more mature Christians focusing on orthodoxy


Reflection: you favor orthopraxy over orthodoxy?


Prayer Spirit of God, you live in my heart and you are to be the leader and the prompter of my actions in relation to other people and to all of creation. I pray that I will be awake into your inspiration and able to see myself practicing orthopraxy therefore being faithful to today\'s Gospel. Amen