Thurs. Oct 8/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: October 8/15


Gospel Luke 11:5... in today\'s Gospel Jesus tells a story to his disciples. It begins with a friend coming late at night to ask another friend who has a visitor for some food. This friend tells him to come back in the day time because he is in bed. Yet, because the man continues to ask and perseveres he gets out of bed in order to give him some food for is visitor. Then Jesus talks about the person turning to God and asking Jesus tells them to be very persistent and not to give up asking God. Then there is a turn in the teachings of Jesus because he tells people to ask for something else, and God will give them a great blessing, to give them the Holy Spirit in abundance. We know that it is the Holy Spirit who inspires us to a deeper relationship with God and Jesus and empowers us to live out of that relationship with compassion, with integrity and creatively. It is a reminder that the Holy Spirit that inspires us to the love and serve God and the people of God.


Reflection: do you ever think of praying for an increase in the Holy Spirit?


Prayer Come Holy Spirit  place in my heart the abiding love of God and Jesus and enables us to love what God loves each and every day of our life. Amen