Weds. Oct.7/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 7/15


Gospel: Luke 11:1... many times in prayer without giving any real thought to what the prayer means and what it is demanding of us. It is so easy to say a prayer by tote and just go on living as we always do without hearing a command that is contained within the prayer, so it\'s not really a prayer at all. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he gave them the Lord prayer and it carries with an issue of his day and  our day, we pray the words, give us each day our daily bread”, when we read the early scriptures we see that the first Christians made sure there was food for everybody and everybody had enough. Yet today, there are so many hungry people in our world, in our country, in our city, but many followers of Jesus they looked into it anything towards food. Most of us have more than enough food in our homes, Canadians have a high average of wasting food, many local restaurants night after night in order to have a delightful meal. Yet just down the street a few blocks are a hungry people don\'t even have enough food to feed their children. Give us this day our daily bread was important instruction by Jesus in his day and it is just as important for the friends of Jesus in our day.


Reflection: what does it mean for you to get people their daily bread?


Prayer: Lord, teach us to pray in such a way that we take our prayers seriously and thoughtfully and not just rattle off the prayer without giving it real thought and ignore the real meaning of the prayer. We know that when we do this not only do we feed the hungry but we are also changed ourselves through thoughtful and sincere prayer. Amen