Tues. Oct.6/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 6/15


Gospel Luke 10:38... and we know that Jesus was very social, he developer very strong friendships and it was his friends who gave him support and encouragement that things became difficult. One day he went to visit some friends, Martha and Mary. As the story develops are they become very busy preparing a meal for them and a very real way she has no time for Jesus. On the other hand, Mary puts everything aside so that she can  spend time in conversation with Jesus. Martha complained. Jesus says to Martha you have chosen the busy about many different things of Mary set everything aside in order to be with me... Mary has chosen the better part. This seems like a very simple story yet it may also speak to our own lifestyle, have we chosen very busy, concerned about many things, finally we\'ve no time to set aside to be with Jesus in prayer or meditation. If this is the case that Jesus is challenging each one of the rebalancing of our life to do this to cut back on business and make time in our life for prayer and meditation. Easy thing to do is to be busy but difficult thing to do choose to come apart, sit in silence, and spend quiet time in the presence of God and Jesus.


Reflection: do you have this balance in your life?


Prayer: Jesus I see that you lived a very balanced life, you were busy in your ministry and you made room for quiet time for prayer and meditation. It was during this quiet time, being with silence, that you are enlightened by the Spirit have prompted that strengthened for your ministry. I hope to imitate you are not avoiding you by the use of business that developed lifestyle that balance. Amen