Fri. Oct.2/15


Daily reflections: Friday: October 2/15


Gospel Matthew 18:1... it is said that insecurity leads to a sense of compensating by becoming superior especially one’s own eyes, popularity, power, prosperity is often behind the drives of many people because they see this one of the ways that they can be superior to other people who are less. So the disciples, ask Jesus, “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”The disciples looked at the culture in which they lived and they saw the Pharisees, scribes, the priests and other people who served at the Temple and the people in general all before them because they saw them as superior and themselves as inferior and actually their human nature was moving them to want to move up to a higher status so they can be considered as greater than those who are inferior. Jesus showed how wrong we were when it came to the kingdom of God. Jesus takes a little child... and those days the child was a symbol for a sick, the marginalized, the lepper, the poor those in debt, all of these people felt inferior and  Jesus holds them up as the greatest in the kingdom of God, it is complete reversal of cultural standards. In this way Jesus answers the question who is the greatest by pointing to the least and teaches them that they have to look at life through the eyes of God through the eyes of God it is the child and what the child symbolizes who are greatest in the kingdom.


Reflection: what does this story tell you about yourself?


Prayer: Jesus, frequently you turn everything upside down and inside out whereby so-called greatest are the least of the least are the greatest. Even in our day we see people who think they are the greatest because they have a political position, are leaders in the church and is so hard to take on the world. Gracious God, may you be generous with your grace and help her bring about the conversion right to live the reversal of roles that you taught the disciples. Amen