Thurs. Oct.1/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: October 1/15


Gospel: Luke 10:1... in this gospel Jesus tells his disciples that it is time for them to swing into action by going out to various towns and villages and telling people about life in the kingdom of God. Jesus warns them that they may face opposition and resistance to them and to their message. He points out that some towns may welcome them and that they are to cure the sick and by showing this kind of a God of compassion, a God who cares for them and their sickness, a God who has the power to heal and make new, but these are signs of the kingdom of God is among them. Jesus tells them that when a town does not welcome them than simply walk away without any feelings of guilt or failure. It needs a disciples were to trust God and draw strength from their relationship with God, we would experience the kingdom of God by experiencing God\'s love and healing, it is love in action that best describes the kingdom of God. So it is today, where people experience God as compassionate and loving and caring they are experiencing life in the kingdom of God.


Reflection: have you experienced the presence of God and God\'s compassion?


Prayer: Jesus, in this story it shows how simple it is to experience and understand the meaning of life in the kingdom of God. As I reflect on my lived life I have experience the kingdom of God by being touched by God\'s unconditional love in and through the hearts of caring people. Amen