Weds. Sept.30/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: September 30/15


Gospel: Luke 9:57... and this gospel Jesus speaks about difficult it is to be a faithful follower and at the same time to point out that the following of Jesus in the process of times a person very successful at other times the struggle is just too much and it seems that we are unable. First we see that the disciples said, “I will follow you wherever you go”, another says he wants to remain and bury his father, another says I want to say farewell to my family. Although the point of the process of following Jesus is rarely a simple commitment but rather it is the time of trial and error and by doing so going into deeper and more compassionate relationship with Jesus and with God. It\'s just part of the human condition and to struggle with one\'s faith and relationship with Jesus is a good thing because of a person continues to struggle it will be in a struggling that there because clarity, growth, and appreciation of the grace of God which enables a person to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus and God.


Reflection: do you find that as you journey through life your relationship with Jesus forces you to struggle and to clarify and to grow?


Prayer: Jesus, you show us that it\'s not always a straight line but rather there are hills and valleys, and detours and straight-ahead, which characterize our faith journey and to see it as a process which slowly but surely gives rise to a  mature and adult faith. Amen