Mon. Sept.28/15


Daily reflections: Monday: September 28/15


Gospel: Luke 9:46... one of the teachings of Jesus that was very precious to his heart was the equality of all people not living in the kingdom of God meaning those superior and inferior people. There seems to be a need, a desire, in the hearts of many people to feel superior and very often they feel superior because they make other people feel inferior. In this Gospel disciples were arguing among themselves who was the greatest? We know this argument on their cheeses a great deal because it showed that his disciples still had not really made his teaching their own. Jesus used it as a teachable moment, Jesus that a child and said to them, “whoever welcomes this child in my name, welcomes me”. Keep in mind that the child was a symbol for the poor, marginalized, the mentally ill, the homeless, the unemployed, the criminal, all represented by little child. Jesus taught them very clearly if you want to find the people who are to compare yourselves to start with the child, you may think you are more important than but in the eyes of God not so


Reflection: do you find yourself at times feeling superior to others or inferior to others?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I know there\'s always that desire to feel important or superior to others and at times criticizing and looking down on others as inferior. I know Jesus that you never tried to make yourself superior to anybody and you saw everybody as equal and I must do the same to be a faithful follower of yours. Amen