Fri. Sept. 25/15


Daily reflections: Friday, September 25/15


Gospel: Luke 9:18... in today\'s Gospel we find Jesus testing the disciples. We read that Jesus was in prayer alone, with only the disciples near him. First, Jesus asks who do the crowds say that I am? Now the disciples were very familiar all the rumors of the cost of going on about Jesus so they pickup a few old names of the Old Testament and say this is what we are hearing, these are the rumors. Then Jesus raised the question closer to home, who you say that I am? Suppose that you met Jesus today and he asked you what are the rumors going around about me? It would be very easy to answer that question. Then Jesus looked at your eyes and asks the question, who do you say I am? This question might be very more difficult to answer, platitudes would not do, the answers in our childhood catechism would not do, somehow we would have to dig deep, be in touch with our experiences of Jesus and the meaning of those experiences for us. The disciples of John the Baptist came to Jesus and asked him, are you one listed come, or do we look for another?


Reflection: what does the answer to the question, who do you say I am? Your answer there will be a sign you how well or in what way that you know Jesus.


Prayer: Jesus  reflecting on my experiences with you and I discover over time who you are and craft an answer that is keeping with my relationships and my experience. I know that the more often I experience our relationship so I answer we\'ve always maturity and changing. Amen