Thurs Dept.24


Daily reflections  September 24/15


Gospel Luke 9:7... even in the time of Jesus people were in the habit of starting rumors and engaging in gossip and those stories would make the rounds in the villages and the city. Herod heard many those stories about Jesus and his curiosity is aroused and we read that ”Everett tried to see Jesus”. On the one hand it could be that Jesus simply wanted to satisfy his curiosity by reading and seeing Jesus, because if that happens here could have a great conversation with Jesus. On the other hand, we can imagine that Herod wanted see Jesus because there was a sincere desire in his heart prompted by the Holy Spirit. If this was so speaks to us who have a sincere desire to see Jesus, to welcome Jesus into our life, become familiar with Jesus way of living so as to follow him, like Herod people find different desires, different motivations, different hunger and thirst, which sows the seed of a heart want to see Jesus and develop a life-giving and life affirming relationship with him.


Reflection: do you ever sense a desire for a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus?


Prayer: the Spirit of God lives in the heart all people inspire in us to deeds out justice, kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion. It seems the more I pay attention to the Spirit of more power I have   to act  like Jesus in my daily life. Amen