Weds. Sept.23/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday, September 23/15


Gospel Luke 9:1... we read that Jesus called his disciples to him and gave them power and authority over all demons, to cure diseases, and to proclaim the kingdom of God.. He gave them instructions not to load up with provisions but rather to trust God in their new venture. We read, “they went through the villages, bringing the good news and curing diseases everywhere”. The mission that Jesus gave to his disciples asked him the mission of all his friends down through the ages even up to today. We are empowered people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to carry on the mission of Jesus. It seems difficult for people today to really and truly believe that this is so and yet we have Jesus own words for it. In our world today are many opportunities to show people the kingdom of God, that is a God of unconditional love, a God who cares about people, God cares about the environment, God cares about justice and peace, it is their everyday life wherever we plant our feet, we can see opportunities to show people what the kingdom of God looks like.


Reflection: do you equate loving as a sign of the kingdom of God?


Prayer: Jesus by your life of compassion and kindness you showed is very clearly that it is in loving and caring that we proclaim the kingdom of God. May your Spirit continue to inspire people everywhere to show the presence of the kingdom of God by their lifestyle. Amen