Fri. Sept.18/15


Daily reflection: Friday: September 18/15


Gospel: Luke 8:1... in reading the Gospels we can see that Jesus lived a very busy life, he didn\'t have a job to earn money for his keep, and so we had to rely on his friends to support him and to feed him. In today\'s Gospel Jesus going from city to city bringing the good news of the kingdom of God. The good news of the kingdom of God was God\'s presence in their heart and God\'s unconditional love for them. More than anything else Jesus wanted people to hold in their heart that God loves them unconditionally no matter what. At the time of Jesus people have been taught that God was a God of requirements and that most people could not fulfill those requirements to the full. Jesus taught that this was not so, but they were loved unconditionally by God without any requirements, and this was good news especially for the poor, the marginalized, the lepers, those judged as sinners, those were unable to keep all the rules and regulations of the religion, this new idea that God loves each and every person unconditionally, no requirements, was at the center of the good news.


Reflection: are you able to hold in your heart that you are loved by God unconditionally and there are no requirements?


Prayer: Jesus, 2000 years ago people found it hard to believe that God could love them unconditionally, and this is still so today. I know that is by the grace of God we get a feel of our own sense of self-worth, or lack of self-worth, and accept this great gift of unconditional love no matter how many mistakes we make. Amen