Thurs. Sept.17/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: September 17/15


Gospel mood 7:36... in this Gospel we see that Jesus never made distinctions between people who are considered to be good and people who have been considered to be bad.  his love include all without exception. A Pharisee and by Jesus to come to his home and share a meal. As they are eating their meal a woman considered to be a sinner comes in to the house. She knows that the people have called her a sinner and she is to be avoided. However, showing great courage and trusting in the compassion of Jesus she approach him and watches his feet with her tears and annoying them with oil. The Pharisee criticizes Jesus for being so hospitable to a sinner. The criticism did not bother Jesus because he loved people without the requirement that they be good and this is one on conditional love will do, there is no judgment, no condemnation, no exclusion, but there is only hospitality and acceptance.


Reflection: how do you react when you meet an obvious so-called sinner?


Prayer: Jesus, by your loving acceptance of the woman you once more show the meaning of compassion and the meaning of refusing to judge another person no matter what they may have done or doing. By this action you were revealed a God of unconditional love, no requirements for this love, and always a sense of the welcomed and inclusion and healing. Amen