Weds. Sept.16/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: September 16/1`5


Gospel: Luke 7:31... we know that Jesus never threatened anybody however at times he does give them a warning that is a wake-up and take action all will be well, but if they continue to ignore the warning that it could be disaster for them. Jesus said to the people that they were like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another but ignoring the words of John the Baptist and Jesus himself. We see the same thing today in our world and matters of the environment. The words of scientists and theologians we are recent crisis situation with the environment and the future of life on earth do to green gasses and climate warming. An image that comes to my mind is a group of people sitting in all enjoying themselves playing cards. Suddenly, the fire alarm was off, the building is on fire and the lives of all our threatened yet the people simply carry on playing cards ignoring the danger. So it is with people\'s reaction to the crisis in the environment and planet Earth.


Reflection; what is your reaction to the crisis facing years?


Prayer: Jesus, sometimes we\'re so lethargic and so wrapped up in our own life that we never hear the fire alarm and as a result we live in denial and go on about our way ignoring the danger. I pray that the spirit awaken the people of the world so that they will take the warning seriously and act according to protect the environment. Amen