Tues. Sept.15/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: September 15/15


Gospel: we know that Jesus was always very attentive to the circumstances of life and of what was happening to people. In his most difficult time Jesus never got wrapped up in himself are always considered the good of others and what they might be facing in the future. In today\'s Gospel, Jesus is on the cross, and he looks out and sees his mother Mary and he must have wondered, what will become of her? She will now be without his support financial and emotional, she will be able to broken heart and deep grief, she will be lonely... yes it was a terrible time for Mary. And Jesus, was not wrapped up in himself and his own pain, but moved by his love for his mother you spoke to his beloved disciple and said to him, I charge you with looking after my mother because I trust you and I know that you love her very deeply. At this point, the cycle became the primary caregiver for Mary and he would learn not only the blessings in this role but also the difficulties that would be faced by him as Mary grew older and weaker.


Reflection: do you know what it\'s like to be a caregiver day after day without any relief?


Prayer: Jesus, you are always moved by compassion and thinking of the burdens of others and how to relieve their burdens and we see this today when you charge the disciple to take care of your mother. May this passage inspire all those who are primary caregivers with senior or someone who is ill and to do so with compassion and humor. Amen