Fri. Sept.11/15


Daily reflections: September 11/15


Gospel: Luke 6:39... it seems to me that in the Gospel Jesus did not focus on morality on the other he focused on the growth and transformation of people. Later, religion became more focused on saving your soul and going to heaven when you die. The story in today\'s Gospel is one of the roles of transformation of a person. We really, “take the log out of your own eye, then you will see clearly take the speck out of your neighbors eye”. Experience teaches us that we can often see the mistakes and the personality of others why we cannot see our own personality defects. When we see the speck, the thing that irritates us, and other people, it is signal that we need to look at ourselves and see the log, that same defect in ourselves. It becomes a case of grace in the defect in the person inspires us to look at ourselves and see what needs to be dealt with. It takes a mature person to look themselves and see themselves as they really are. Plato once wrote,” that an unexamined life is a life not worth living”. Seeing the fault of another person indicates that we may have the same fault in ourselves and we meet if they self examination in order to take advantage of the grace of God grows and transformation.


Reflection: you have the courage to look at your self to see the log or the speck in your eye and by the grace of God experience healing?


Prayer: Jesus, I find it so easy to see the speck of another person’ eye and not be aware of the log in my own. I pray for the grace which will enable me to take a look at myself and see where I need healing for the purpose of growth and transformation. Amen