Thus. Sept.10/15


Daily reflections: Thursday: September 10/15


Gospel: Luke 6:27... many of the teachings of Jesus are meant to help people to grow and be transformed and become ever more truly human...”the glory of God is a person fully alive” is a statement by a saint. Sometimes we forget this with all of the morality teaching right preachers on the Gospel. Today\'s Scripture reading is just such a reading, a message which will challenge our growth and transformation into a person is fully and truly alive in one\'s humanity. Jesus said, ”love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who abuse you”many people laugh at this teaching because they feel it is impossible to love an enemy. Who is our enemy? It can be our boss at work or a coworker or neighbor or a family member or a politician or somebody who does not agree with us or someone we are in conflict with... the list goes on and on. It is true many people are unable to love an enemy we reduce enemy down to a person or people new to us. However, when we desire and asked for the grace of God in our heart can be healed and opened and we will be able to rise above the disagreements and while that person in that and action.


Reflection: do you see how living this message enables you to grow and experience transformation and to be more fully alive as a human person?


Prayer: Jesus, you always show us the way to find a greater freedom and greater happiness. When our experiences and the grace of God opens our heart to become what it can  we have within us the capacity to love an enemy. I know that it is in loving an enemy that I experience growth and transformation. Amen