Sept. 9/15


Daily reflections: Wednesday: September 9/15


Gospel: Luke 6:20... today\'s Gospel is very strange at times very hard to make sense of it. Luke has Jesus say that people are blessed when they suffer from various circumstances. Jesus said to his disciples, ”Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God” . Do you think of the poor are really blessed? The question is, who are the poor? Is it people in poverty, is that people with mental illness, is that people who think their life is a failure? So how can the poorer he possibly blessed? There are some ways of making sense of this statement... the poor does not necessarily mean those in abject poverty but rather people who are living on the edge, people who are not wealthy and make wealth their God, people who have not become so attached to wealth, power, or popularity, in other words people will not play some attachment that is more important than that which really matters in life and as a result are much more open and also more desiring of her relationship with God. They\'re able to live out God centered life rather than a consumer centered life.


Reflection: what are your thoughts on the advantages of being poor?


Prayer: Jesus you are one of the poor and your journeyed with the poor and you preach to the poorer and you healed the poor and you fed the poor and you understood what was the poor because you were a poor peasant without a steady job. I pray the Spirit help me to understand the advantages of being poor. Amen