Tues. Sept.8/15


Daily reflections: Tuesday: September 8/15


Gospel Matthew 1/1... this is the story around the pregnancy of Mary and Joseph\'s reaction when he finds out that his future wife is now pregnant. At the time, it was tradition that the young man would put away his future wife if it was discovered that she was already pregnant. Joseph is faced with a dilemma... to reject Mary and save face for himself even though would be exposing Mary to the ridicule of the community. His other choice, was to accept her and the situation as it was, and go forward with the wedding. We see clearly that Joseph struggled with this dilemma and eventually he made the choice, loving and compassionate choice, according forward with the wedding and Mary would become his beloved wife and the child she carried you would treat as his very own son.


Reflection: can you remember when you struggle with a moral dilemma will help you to make your decision and your choice?


Prayer: Gracious God, we can identify with this story because of the many times we were on the horns of a dilemma and we had to make a choice, knowing that either choice was good, but which was the most loving and caring choice and decision. It is in times like this that we discover the wisdom of the Holy Spirit enabling us to make the most caring and loving choice. Amen