Mon. Sept. 7/15


Daily reflections: Monday: September 7/15


Gospel: Luke 6:6... we read in this Gospel of Jesus being present in the synagogue on a Sabbath, and keep in mind, that according to tradition and no one can do any kind of work on the Sabbath even ministering to the sick. There was a man present with a withered hand and Jesus healed him. Jesus asked the synagogue leaders a question,” is it lawful to do good or do harm on the Sabbath, to save life or to destroy? With this question Jesus really asking which is most important people on the law? Religious leaders came down on the side of law, and Jesus was always mindful of the law, is asking what is the right thing to do is to show compassion and heal the sick man or your visa law? Where to put people first or lawful first? We know that Jesus, moved by compassion, always put people first even though he would face criticism, anger, and punishment.


Reflection: as you reflect on your decisions have you been putting people first or law first?


Prayer: Jesus, as I read the Gospel stories I realize that , move by compassion , always put people first even though by doing so you put yourself at risk. It\'s days like these, that I examine my own life and see if I imitate Jesus and then put people first. Amen